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Help on this Banana Plant issue


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Hi Forum:

Well after help from Candi and the staff i have come to conclusion i can not grow these.plants

after Candi sent a replacement for my first Banana Plant it still did`nt take well in my 20gal.

thinking it might come back i left it new the tank..it began to grown a kinda green fine moss

i din`t take it out at first thinking it was growth bot was i wrong..it grew this fine green moss like 

this moss consumed my tank it`s everywhere i`m still removing for the tank,it`s clinging to my 

plants that are in the tank in the gravel,on the tubing everything.. does anyone have any suggestions 

on the removal of this stuff??????  really could use the help here!!!!  There are pics of this growth in this topic

posted awhile ago   Thank you guys for your time!!!

Frankie from Michigan

2020-12-08 07.58.46.jpg

2020-12-29 08.10.22.jpg

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Looks like hair algae to me, something I'm always battling with in my 29 gal. For me it explodes when there's too much light and I'm putting too much food in the tank. To keep it in check, I reduced the light timer to just 5 hrs a day, and I manually remove it when it starts to get to be too much. 

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You know what’s strange is that it all came from the banana plant that went bad it was turning black Candi said there’s a chance it might come back so after about week or so I notice a ton of the algae growing out of the plant no where else so I took it out while doing so the algae just floated everywhere in the tank clinging to everything now I’m playing catch up

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