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Lighting recommendations for a 75g planted tank.


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Hey gang,

i am looking for some lighting recommendations here. I am working on a new 75G planted tank. still working on getting everything I need for it such as filter, substrate. hard scape, plants and such. the tank is a 75g marine land set up you can get at PetSmart. got it as a Christmas gift from my wife. it came with a 36in marine land light. (not very bright at all). I know it will not have Co2. looking to go low tech for the time being. what would you guys recommend for a low tech planted tank. looking to get low to medium lighting going in the tank. see a lot of lights out there, and while I have other tanks they are much much smaller and not nearly as deep as a 75g.

thanks for any help you all can provide.

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I recommend checking out the Aquarium Coop Lighting Guide (hopefully link works below) and looking at the recommendations.  You can also extrapolate the recommendations for specific tank lengths, tank depths, and wattage of the lights.


One of our most asked questions is, which LED Aquarium Light should I get? In this quick guide I'll give my recommendations.  Definitions: Low light = Undemanding plants, Anubias, Crypts, etc. Medium Light = Stem plants and...


48" Fluval 2.0 (used) or 3.0 Planted Tank Lights are a great investment and will not require replacing in 6-12mo. like cheaply made LED lights (I have experienced this when the lights are included with the used tank).  There are also inexpensive, low tech options using utility clamp work lights with LED bulbs from the hardware store (I am doing this on my 10 gal qt tank with guppy grass).

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