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Refresh my memory on swim bladder


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It has been a long time since I have dealt with swim bladder, so some pro tips for treating would be greatly appreciated.  Because well I purchased a fish that apparently has swim bladder.

The long story is that I decided to get another betta a little over a week ago.  He looked great in the container at the box store. After acclimating him to the planted 5.5g tank he will be in by himself, I noticed the male betta was having difficulties swimming.  When he was not swimming, he would float up on his side to the top of the tank.   Now he seems to be doing much better and is not floating on his side anymore.  However, he does seem to still have issues of floating up to the surface.  I have been feeding him this week live brine shrimp fed with spirulina powder, and frozen mysis shrimp.  I am unsure whether I should fast him or not at this point.  He just finished up his week with the med trio.   

So yeah, it has been YEARS since I have had to deal with swim bladder. The last time I tried to treat swim bladder, I think it was with salt.  But I am not even sure how salt would even work in a planted tank.  Plus I am not even sure if I should treat as he seems to be on the up mend.  

Thanks in advance for the pro insight.  You guys and gals are always the best. 

Oh and for the recommended info to post about a tank:

Ammonia 0 ppm.  Nitrates 10 ppm. Ph 7.2-7.4  Water temperatre fluctuares between 78 - 80'f. water hardness.  18 kh, 10 gh.  320 TDS.  

Plants:  added today three crypts and one banana plant from the aquarium co op.  around twelve dwarf sagitteria put in about two months ago.  a row of anacharis around the aquarium co op sponge filter.  about 1/3 of the tank covered at the top with frogbits.

Decoration: one betta log from the co op.

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do not feed for a couple of days and  then offer peas and treat with  aquarium salt 1table spoon for 2gallon if no improvement in a couple of days use maracyn it could be caused by a bacterial infection

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and am experiencing similar SBD with my betta but with a combo of fin rot too. I'm wondering if Ben_RF was successful with treatment(s) and what were they.

I started treating my betta with a combo round of MetroPlex and MelaFix while he was in his 5 gal planted tank. I did this for a week with no success.  I'm now on a second round of MetroPlex and BettaRevive but I moved him to a 2.5 gallon quarrantine tank (for the snails' and plants' sake). The quarrantine tank is heated and has a nano sized sponge filter. The betta seems even more miserable in the 2.5 gallon and the sponge filter is giving off a lot of bubbles even tho it was modifided with an air stone and a control valve. I'm curious if anyone has ever treated a betta in a hospital tank without filtration to keep the surface calm? My betta mostly lays on his side at the surface except when eating. The only thing going for him is his voracious appetite. He eats pre-sofened (in tank water) Hikari Betta Bio Gold pellets and frozen blood worms.

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