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Bubbles in silicone


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This is a new tank (40b) but has been leak tested for 72 hours. It doesn’t leak but I do now notice these bubbles. Internet searches give answers from “cosmetic and normal” to “this is how Covid started” (maybe not but you get the idea). 

It is in the bottom corner on the side panel. 

ive called Aqueon and she wasn’t too alarmed but asked to see photos. I’m waiting to hear back. 


Part of me says to exchange it. But then another tank might just do the same and I’m worrying unnecessarily. 




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3 hours ago, lefty o said:

id probably file that under they could have done a better job, but wouldnt be overly concerned about it.

Thanks. I tend towards hyper vigilant and can see all sorts of risks others wouldn’t think twice about. 

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Aqueon got back to me and was very helpful. They (CS rep and R&D person who also looked at the photos) said it was likely on the outside where the rim joins the glass. It just looks like its inside due to refraction. I did another 72 hour leak test and it was fine. When filled you can more clearly see the bubbles are on the outside between the rim and glass. 

I also decided to move my office to the basement (for my tanks and other reasons). The tanks will be 10-15' from the basement drain, on a concrete slab, and even if all 40 gallons were to leak on the floor, there isn't anything that would get ruined, even if the drain didn't do anything. 

The main takeaway for me...Aqueon is very responsive and helpful, and I'm a bit of an anxious person (but I knew that anyway). 

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