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Do Shrimp Interfere with Betta Breeding?


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I currently have a 15 gallon tank with one male betta, three amano shrimp and some red cherry shrimp. It is planted with anubias and cryptocorynes.

I also have an 8 gallon tank with one female betta and three amano shrimp. Planted also with anubias and cryptocorynes

The two fish have never met, but I am considering trying to let them breed (with appropriate care)

However I am wondering whether the shrimp (especially the amanos) would interfere with the breeding process? The fish and shrimp don't bother each other (except the male betta likes to eat the smallest cherry shrimp). The Amanos do like to swim up to the surface, especially when being fed, so i am wondering whether this could disturb the eggs in the bubble nest?

I've never tried breeding fish in a tank that also has shrimp. Anyone have experience with these shrimp picking on the nest trying to eat the eggs?


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I have seen an amano eat a guppy fry. I think betta fry are smaller. I would use a 3rd container for the breeding attempt, and have nothing but the parents, then the dad with nest, then just the fry when free swimming and mom and dad returned home.

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