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How to deal with having too many tanks?


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Start breeding projects. Breed Plants. Aqua Scape. Test different filtration methods. Do tests of High Tech tanks with CO2 vs low tech with no CO2. Expirement with different Ferts, Create your own DIY Ferts. Find a close fish keeper and do fish swaps every so often just to keep new fish flowing through so you dont get bored. Try different things like compare a top soil gravel capped substrate vs a peatmoss capped with gravel substrate to see how it affects plant growth (note water PH will be wild so if you do this in a tank with fish make sure they are hardy) 


You could also start journaling/ documenting your tank changes every week (add photos) and then you have a cool thing to look back on at the end of the year. 

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What I did is I focused on the species that really interest me. I got less tanks and I went bigger. I do have one tank that I can play with a little more and that's my 90 gallon I give myself a year to make it what I want it to be and if I'm not happy I change everything about it so I can keep new things and try other things. I also do summer tubing it helps too. I have my 800 gallon gar tank my 300 gallon hillstream tank and my 90 gallon community. In the summer I had a 110 stock tank that made about 400 shrimp for me




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