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Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery Station


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I too like others got tired of using the Ziss hatcher on the stand it comes with. I wanted something to hold them higher, be easy to use, and easy to get them in/out of. I also needed somewhere to mount the inkbird controllers, for the heaters, I want to use.

I layed out all the equipment to get an idea of what to make. Someone on the forum mentioned 3/4" pvc tees fit perfectly over the hatchery handle. I can confirm that. 


I used 3/4" plywood and a kreg pocket screw jig to make a simple three sided frame to mount everything on. I drilled a hole in each side to run the power cords out of using some desk grommets for a clean look. 


To hold the light bulb in the center I drilled a 1-1/2" hole and mounted it also with pocket screws. I also used a router to smooth the sharp edges. 


To mount the pvc tees I drilled an 1/8" hole through. Then drilled out the outside hole to 1/4" to allow a screwdriver clearance to tighten the screws. I spray painted the pvc tees with Krylon Fusion. I painted the stand with semi gloss black latex paint. 


I mounted a power strip on the outside for everything to plug into. I added a switch to each heater to allow easy shut off for cleaning without having to unplug anything. 


The air pump hangs above on a hook out of the way. I run the air up through outlet as others have done. 



I use a piece of black corrugated plastic to block the light bulb so I'm not blinded. Underneath them I have dish drying mat to catch any water. 

What I like about this station is that I only have to unplug the power strip to be able to move the whole unit wherever I want. 

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