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I've been trying to figure out how often to dose my aquarium!  I dose with easy green weekly, and I've started dosing Leaf zone for potassium and I use wonder shells to get my calcium magnesium.  Do I just try to keep the NO3 around 40ppm?  So for example I tested my parameters a couple days ago and my NO3's were getting high 60 to 80ppm So I did a 25% Water Change. Now they sit at 0ppm. So should I go ahead and dose my tank or wait till the scheduled day?  Like I used to change water once a week and than dose but after my last post Cory made me realize that if the parameters were ok not to do any water changes so now my schedules messed up lol.  Should I of not done the Water change not dose anything until the plants naturally brought down the Nitrates?  

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honestly for fertalizing i just eyeball it.  i give the plants a squirt of fert now and then , and a few root tabs. so long as the plants look healthy, they are getting enough nutrients. if algae starts growing everywhere, they are getting either too much ferts or light, and its time to ease off some. this works for at least the more common easy to keep plants, once you graduate into harder to keep plants that need co2 etc, then you're above my pay grade.

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