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Sick Honey Gourami?


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I purchased two Honey Gourami from my local Petco on Monday and they were acting fine until Tuesday night. One of them spends all of his time either laying down on the substrate, or floating at the surface of the water. He’ll stay that way for a while, then swim around like nothing is wrong, then settle down in another spot and sit there, rinse and repeat. He is also occasionally jittery when he moves, but is still when not moving.  
Both of them seem interested in food but only nibble on what I give them, and usually spend most of the day grazing. This seems like a shyness thing. Poop seems fine, it’s not white or stringy.
They both also have pinkish patches around their gills. Almost like an old scab might look. However the second Honey is acting normally.
Does this behavior point to some kind of infection? Or are they just quirky? I have been told by a few Honey Gourami owners that their males act extremely similar. 
Parameters are
PH 7.0
0 ammonia
0 nitrites
10-20 nitrates
120 ppm GH/KH
Heavily planted tank. 20 gallon long. The two Honey Gourami, 8 Harlequin Rasboras, 7 Cherry Shrimp, 2 Amano.

Pics are of his gill area, and how he sits at the surface and on the substrate. 

Thank you





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So sorry for your loss. 😞 I wonder if he was having trouble getting enough oxygen. Either because of some gill disease or because there’s not enough surface agitation in your tank. Adding an air stone may help if you don’t already have one.

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