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Sexing medaka ricefish


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Wondering if anyone out there has a tip for sexing ricefish. Obviously if I see one carrying eggs, we have a female. Several sources online refer to males having "bigger" anal fins, but the issue with that is you need to have both sexes in order to compare... and if I knew that I had both sexes, I would not need to know! Haha Does anyone know a better way to sex them, especially ones that do not rely on comparisons with the opposite sex?

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I couldn't accurately sex my ricefish until they started spawning, but now I've gotten pretty-ish good at it.

The females tend to be a little larger and fatter, with shorter anal fins like you and kammaroon said. The male's anal fins remind me of a skirt.

I attached a picture of my ricefish, I foolishly put fast-moving orange ricefish with transluscent fins on orange substrate, so...it's also outlined for you. You can also see the size difference. Hope it helps!


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