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I was given a 56 gallon column tank.  It was previously a saltwater tank.   I would like to use it for a planted tank.  The equipment it came with was a reef light with t5 bulbs and 2 circulation pumps.   I would like to make a tank that uses smaller leafed plants and small fish to make the tank appear large.  I would love to hear some plant suggestions.  I also would like to ask what bulbs I should get for the light.  The tank is 24 inches deep. The light has a timer and the ability to turn on 2 bulbs at a time in case I should consider having different types of bulbs.   Thanks for any suggestions!

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some really cool tetras would be cool. 

Rummynose are great schooling fish, and its such a joy to watch them

Cardinal Tetras/ Neon Tetras can have really vibrant colors, and I love them

Betta, I know you wanted samller fish but you could do a bunch of rummy nose, cardnials and neons and do one betta. He could be the feature fish. if you choose on a betta you will want to make sure it has a good temperement, and none of the tetras are fin nippers, all the tetras I am reccomending are not. 

now back to smaller fish

Celestrial Pearl Danios, or just Danios in general


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