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Shrimp Safe Filter


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Hey all,

I am wanting to setup a 5 gallon shrimp tank. I relize that you cant do any filter why shrimp, as it needs to be "shrimp safe".

I was wondering if anyone had any experiance with the following filters, and if they could tell me if it would be okay for red crystal shrimp or red cherry shrimp:
Fluval Chi Filter

Aqueon Minnibow Aquarium

I dont have any eperiance with fish so all help and suggestions are much appreaciated 

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The big thing with shrimp is making sure they don't get sucked into the filter. Either a sponge filter or prefilter sponge on the intake of a HOB will do the trick. Not sure what the intake looks like on the flu so but a prefilter sponge will fit on the aqueon. My ideal setup for shrimp would be a sponge filter and crushed coral mixed into the substrate with tons of plants.

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I have a Denerle Nano corner filter. Denerle mades an intake cover specifically designed to prevent shrimp from getting sucked up into the filter.

It is a top quality, elegant product but I feel it has one huge flaw- Denerle designed it so you you are theoretically supposed to replace the filter media while the filter is still underwater which means it can be quite messy. Because the suction cups hold insanely well, if you have a rimless tank, you can simply slide the unit out of the aquarium and maintain it outside. If you have a rim (like my tank), prying the 6 suctions  loose can be a chore.

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