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Oops, guess I have a second tank now...


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Hi everyone!

So I just wanted to share my second tank... it was originally supposed to be a quarantine/hospital tank but it quickly became a real tank. Also, I had ordered some water wisteria and red root floaters from etsy that came ripe with "pest" snails. I have pond snail babies, ramshorn babies, and I just adopted 3 mystery snail babies from a friend of mine... so it has now become a snail tank lol. I really wanted a lid on the tank due to the mystery snails but wanted good gas exchange for the floating plants, so I decided to try a grate lid made for reptiles with some modifications. I'm thinking of maybe adding some cherry shrimp once my plants fill in a bit more... any suggestions on what type of fish I should add in this 10 gallon?







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10 minutes ago, Maggie said:

Oh no...MTS!! My 2nd tank was also a 10 gallon. But once I got the 20L, the 10 became a quarantine tank. I'd love another tank (a 30 breeder) but definitely do not have the room or the electrical outlets. ☹

Yeah that’s kinda my situation... I need to get another power strip now just to set up the actual quarantine tank!

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