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Hello from the Bay Area, CA!


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Hey everyone! I've been popping around here for a bit and thought I should formally introduce myself and my household tanks!  I haven't had an aquarium since college (16 years ago), a betta that I adored and who my roommate named Bob Marley (you know, college 🤡).  He survived being smuggled on a cross-country flight in the days after you could no longer bring liquids through TSA and the bag started leaking sometime during the flight.  Before that, growing up in SE Asia I caught small fish in an artificial pond in the apartments where we lived and had a couple of red-eared sliders. 

I was lured back into the hobby a few months ago when Pinterest kept showing me pictures of aquascapes -- I have a pretty high stress job and the idea of a beautiful serene box of underwater art seemed incredible.  I've since realized I don't have much patience for the aquascaping part and really at heart I'm still that kid that loves learning about all different animals and keeping them.  The plants look nice and are beneficial for the animals. 

MTS has hit my household hard and fast, the Petco $1 per gallon sale happened a couple weeks afer I bought my first aquarium (a 16 gal), and so I picked up a 55 gallon.  Then my partner got into aquascaping and got 2 nano tanks (an artist by trade, my partner is actually doing aquascaping part lol).

We don't have any fish yet, but have lots of snails. Mostly hitchhikers on plants (we even got an olive nerite on an Aquarium Co-op plant once - score! 😆), and just today we received some mystery snails, and have more on-purpose nerites and ramshorns on the way.  In the future, I'd love to have livebearers and shrimp along with the snails in my 16 gallon, and pea puffers in my 55.    

The 16 gallon has a mixture of plants from my LFS and Tropica, the 55 gallon and my partner's tanks all have plants from AC - I will get pictures and reviews in soon hopefully, it's just the aforementioned job keeps me busy! 😓  

Thank you to everyone on this forum already that has given me great advice and has been so welcoming.  Looking forward to continuing to be involved in this community and learning lots!

Pictures are in order are: my partner's nano tanks, the 55, and the 16 (I think it's really supposed to be measured in litres - 60L which sounds much less random). 

Post-script: the anachris in the 55 isn't from AC, I forgot I threw that in there from the 16 gal when I set it up in hopes it might help it cycle.




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Wow all your tanks look amazing! I am new back to the hobby as well after a good bit out of it. Multiple tanks are a thing. I'm amazed ive managed to restrain myself as much as I have. I have a 15 gallon killifish and what will be a 30 gallon rainbow fish tank. The smaller varieties obviously. PSEUDOMUGIL LUMINATUS and threadfins specifically. Don't mind my blatant copy paste. 

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On 12/25/2020 at 4:24 PM, SWilson said:

Thank you @Rick M and @Alison you’re both too kind 😊


They are really pretty fish. Apparently my lfs has a source and can get them in pretty regularly. The ones they get are more golden orange than red but that's fine with me.


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