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Merry Christmas everyone!

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Christmas fell on water change and gravel vac day in the 45 and 20, and I just didn't want to put it off. I was in the right mood for it, and so very happy I got it all done! I am starting a photo journal on my dwarf lily bulb. I can see growth daily. Today I turned it around due to the direction of the growth, and partially buried into the substrate (was just sitting on top before). I even got to see three of my blue bolt shrimp today!! They've been elusive!


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Almost finished setting up my new (used) 150 high and condensed 4 tanks into one. So today I shall clean out all the tanks and gift one of my 20 longs to my daughter in law along with a couple of Honey Fry and a couple of male guppies and maybe some shrimp. Will move the pea puffers and dwarf gobies out of their 10 into the other 20L which will leave me with 2 empty 10's.  But first...I'm taking a nap 🙂




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