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Spot treatment with liquid carbon (e.g. Easy Carbon, Flourish Excel) in a pipette worked well for me! I treated the plants while they were submerged underwater, and turned off the filter for a few minutes to let it soak. I usually have to wait 4-7 days before I see any effect on the algae. Highly recommend. 👍

Bolbitis before treatment:


Bolbitis after 2 liquid carbon spot treatments (about 2 weeks apart):


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9 hours ago, AudreyB said:

Could you pull out a smaller plant and somehow treat it safely with Excel out of the tank? For example a small Anubias attached to a stone.  I’ve done this with hydrogen peroxide to kill off BBA and it worked for awhile. 

Ive never tested it with excel (ive pulled plants out with hydro peroxide and it kinda worked) but I suspect as long as you coated the problem parts with enough excel or carbon it would kill it. You could also take a glass jar or glass bowl (one of the 5-10$ ones from walmart) and fill it with water and dose heavy with excel and keep the plant in a mini quarantine tank until you see improvement and just set it in a window for light.  

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