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rapid breathing in glowlight tetra


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I have a 16 gallon tank with 8 glowlight tetras and a honey gourami. All are doing well, but one glowlight tetra from the day we got it has been breathing rapidly (mouth opening and shutting, gills going too and fast enough that it's easy to spot the fish). I've been watching it closely and it's been over 2 weeks or more with no new symptoms (no redness or white fuzz.. etc.) and the fish is acting and eating well. Could it still be gill flukes or anything else I'm not thinking of? I do have a quarantine tank but don't want to do more harm than good with isolation and meds. Also I live in Canada so meds are limited here. I did buy the Jungle Lifeguard all in one tablets in case, but have not used. Would a salt bath be safe for a tetra or a good idea in this situation? 

Water has been tested multiple times and all parameters are good, with low PH 6.3 or so and good water oxygenation. Also the fish is never hanging out at the surface and is on the same water level as the others. 

Is there something I should be doing? 

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I would add aquarium salt 1table spoon for 3gallons  for 5 days if no improvement use 1table spoon for 2gallons for another 5days replace salt after water change if still having problems after that treat with API general cure once every two weeks for 3 full courses of treatment 

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