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I was asked in another thread to video this tank today, so here goes.

The sera o-nip tabs featured here are the classic original kind. I only have 6 left 😞

Enjoy the music which was included with Cyberlink Powerdirector.

Fun fact: every plant you see in this tank was purchased from the co-op, except for the cabomba.



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3 hours ago, ChemBob said:

What fish are in here? I think I saw guppies and platties, and a cory and a pleco. Thanks! 

Platys, and guppies and yellow tiger endlers, plus a hybrid of those two, and a few other variety endlers that came from the tiger endler females randomly (seriously, I don't understand the genetics at play here and where the line between the two begins or ends. I'm slinging paintbrushes at a blank canvas). And yep, panda corys and plecos. The plecos are accidental. I was running their fry box with a fairly high current in this tank and a few inevitably made it out of containment when they were really small.

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On 12/25/2020 at 2:55 PM, subramn said:

how many  sera o-nip tab per day is recommended for 20 guppies?

Not sure. It's not something I feed them every day, just when I want to take pics or video or I'm in a hurry. Guppies will eat and eat.. until they die I presume. Start with one -- I often break them in half so too many guppies aren't crowding and competing too heavily for food in one spot.  You'll see them all get some bites to eat at the very least, and that's definitely enough.

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