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They are little predators! Today i fed them some live baby guppys! They can eat 1/3 of their body size! They hunt at night as well as in day light. They can tell the difference betwin me and other people! If their pray is bigger then them, they can cut it in half eat one half and remember where the other is to eat it later.They are realy smart fish!!

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I got some new fish!! They are Rhinogobius wuyanlingensis!! I have them for about 2 months and this week they started digging so that means they are preparing to spawn. Hope they spawn and i can share them with you, wish me luck! I keep them with some danio erythromycron and golden white clouds. They are very fun ,they pose to each other all the time ,always curius to see what others are doing. They like frozen brine shrimp and all types of worms, they don't realy eat bbs because it is to small for them. Here are some picture for you to enjoy, have a nice day!!! (more in my insta it is the same as my name here!!!)   




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