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How to lower nitrite

The nano tank man

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40 minutes ago, Hobbit said:

How long has the tank been running and how long ago did you add your fish?

Also have you tested whether there’s nitrite in your tap water? I’ve never heard of that before but it might be worth ruling out anyway.

My fish have been in there for a month. Before the fish it was running and cycling for 3 months.

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Stop feeding completely for a few days (3 or so)then feed lightly

do a few water changes and just make sure your not over cleaning the filter/tank and causing "mini cycles" where the system struggles to catch back up

also make sure your not washing your filter in tap water which can cause these mini cycles 



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27 minutes ago, Socqua said:

When you say understocked goldfish tank, can you clarify? How many goldfish, what size are they, and what size tank?

Guessing they mean overstocked.

3ppm nitrite is super toxic, so dose extra prime and change a lot of water until it comes down. 

Also, don’t underestimate goldfish and their water change needs. Our two breeder orandas needed 90% weekly and 10% daily (auto) to keep nitrates at 20ppm in their 75gal tank. So even if you’re doing two changes, if those are 20% etc changes the tests are showing that’s not enough.

If you’re still getting nitrites you have very dirty filters, they’re undersized, or you never finished cycling.

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7 hours ago, The nano tank man said:

@Socqua yes it is a 29 gallon with two 2 inch oranda.  I change 25% very water change. Mt tank cycled for 3 months and had pre bacteria and fish food to kick start tge cycle. Also I ussually dont feed much. Just a small chbe of rapashy once a day. 

You probably already figured this out, but you probably need to bump that percentage up, and also do it more often.

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