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11 hours ago, Juan colin said:

Does anyone know what the best sponge media  for a hang on back is?

As is often, almost always, the case, "best" depends on what you want to achieve. If you want absolutely sparkling clear water without a hint of debris, you'll want a very fine, dense sponge. It'll clog more quickly and need more maintenance than a coarser sponge but it'll give you that crystal clear water you want. If you want optimal biofiltering and don't mind particles in the water, then you'll want a more open mesh sponge that won't clog no matter what. You'll maintain a good water flow through the sponge no matter how much gunk is in the water. If you want something between the two, then the sponges made for Aquaclear filters are a pretty good option. They get rid of most of the gunk in the water and have a decent water flow for good biofiltration.

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the co-op sponge is good for growing bacteria, and some filtering. if you want finer filtering you can pair the co-op sponge with some of that blue/white filter media, or other fine filter floss. tons of choices depending on your exact goal, and the only real consideration is the finer the media, the more often it needs rinsed out or replaced.

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