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Reduce my Aqueon HOB flow

Karen B.

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I am trying to slow down the flow of both my Aqueon 10 & 20 HOB filter.
Both have a prefilter sponge, then a coarse sponge in the left chamber. The right chamber is split in half : aquaclear sponge at the back and bio balls in the front. Then the fall down is stuffed with a fine sponge/floss.
I saw the water bottle trick (cut a cylinder off a water bottle and split it horizontally, then place it in the filter to create a half moon and divert the flow) and it seems to work great... until I close the lid. The lid seems to push the plastic a bit too tight and I wonder if that could be dangerous (stop the flow altogether or something?)
No lid with a gap

with a lid. You can see how tight the plastic is.
Is it possible to leave the lid partially opened or can it cause too much water evaporation and the beneficial bacterias could die?
If you have any other tips, tricks or advices, I am listening. The tanks also each have a sponge filter.
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Just now, faydout said:

I've made a baffle for one of my HOB's using a soap dish and an Aquaclear 50 sponge, suction cupped to the glass right up against the outflow.

I saw that solution too! But I can’t seem to find soap dish to my taste that would work while in lockdown 😖

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I saw someone using an intake pre-filter sponge on their return hose to diffuse the water and thought it might work for HOB filters too.


I just cut a large pre-filter in half and again down the side.


It diffuses the water enough for me to grow floating plants that don't like faster flow like water lettuce. 


May work too well, judging by the massive amounts of plants covering the top. 

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18 minutes ago, Schwack said:

I've only got an AquaClear 30 and I can't get the foam to stick. Any trick to it that I'm missing?

Mine stuck just fine without anything added. I cut the slit a little over have way through the square piece of foam. May it a tight fit at the edges as well. 

You may be able to use a day of super glue but may be a pain to remove later. 

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I used the clear plastic strip  that comes with the glass covers. Cut to size and I slid it on the bottom of the outflow, it was a little loose so I softened it in hot water to tighten in.  The Aqueon comes with a blue baffle that slide in at the output.  I removed the insert and crammed a sponge there.


If this is confusing reply back and I will get some pics

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