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Watersprite melting in different tank

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I have a very healthy watersprite plant in my 55g that has spawned around 15 new plants.

I took 2 of the 6-8" plants and moved them to a newish 10 gallon tank. It's been up for a month or so with 2 guppies in it.

After a week the plants have just melted away.

I've been adding 1oz of Flourish to the tank since I put them in there (I dose the main tank daily).

I also added some Fritz 7 a few days ago to boost the bac. and increased the guppy count to 5.

Same water source and the 10g has a bit of ammonia 0.25-0.5 I added the plants to help the water conditions.

Any ideas on what could be the problem?





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I would wager its a lack of nitrogen. Flourish has very low levels of it. When I got it for free before we developed easy green we had to dose it at like 17x the recommended dose. They do make Flourish Nitrogen, that would be more potent, you're to dose it with flourish, and trace. 

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