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Corydoras glass surfing

Karen B.

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I added 8 false julii corydoras to my 20 gallons on saturday. They are the only fish in beside 2 nerite snails. The aquarium is cycled.

They will not stop glass surfing all day long, or swimming around, no matter if the lights are on or off. They don’t stay on the ground and forage. The substrate is black flourite sand. Tank is planted. 

I just started the quarantine med trio treatment yesterday and today my water is cloudy but they were doing it the day before. I am dosing Prime every 48 hours and Stability everyday.
My parameters are

pH 7.4 - 7.6


gh : 8-9

kh : 3-4

temp : 76.5



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My panda corys do the same thing and have for years. I've always wondered if it's directional as they always do the front glass (north facing) and never the sides or back. Are they trying to migrate to the north? Lots of animals migrate each year, but I've never heard of vast herds of corys moving north through a river. The back glass is painted so maybe that's why they don't do the back, but the sides are clear. I'm sure it makes perfect sense if you're a cory, but it baffles us humans. It seems to be a relatively normal behavior for a cory though. Mine have done it for years.

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Lol, having just bought corys in a school of 6 for the first time, I am seeing this and LOOOVING it. I also am very glad the search feature exists, and that this post was so well named that I could find it. Mine do forage some of the time and look like a little fleet of roombas. 

They also are absolutely fearless. This makes me very happy. I wish all fish were bold. I think I am developing a fish "type" that I love--"happy" and not fearful or reclusive.

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