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Panda cory sick


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Hi all. Beginner here. Have had a 29 gallon for about 8 weeks. Ammonia=0; Nitrites=0; Nitrates=20; PH=7.6; Temp 73; Have been doing 20-30% water change 2x a week. 

Started with 3 black mollies who have been doing well and thriving throughout this whole thing. Added 6 panda cories a couple weeks ago. I didn't quarantine because I'm new and didn't know to do that :( Lost one within 24 hours and LFS replaced. Lost another one within next 24 hours and again LFS replaced. (LFS checked our water both times and confirmed it looked good). Figured it was stress and poor acclimation. A week later we lost another cory, so have 5 currently. They all stopped acting active and laying around more. Started researching to see what might be going on and started to suspect illness. I decided to treat with Erythromycin, Parasite, and for Ick. I just put in last dose of everything today, and plan to do partial water change in 48 hours per instructions. 4 of the cories are looking better, but one is sitting off alone and I noticed today it looks like a small white tube growth out of gills, top fin not standing up, not eating. So, wondering any suggestions at this point? What would be your next steps especially if the 1 doesn't start looking better? Feeding omega one shrimp pellets and tropical flakes for mollies if that's helpful. 

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