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Why is my tank brown?

Ollie the Oscar

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Could you give us some specs, please? More information can help give people a better idea of what might be going on. To start . . . 

I see an air pump on the left side. What kind of filtration do you have?
What animals are you stocking in it? Any thing that burrows?
What substrate are you using?
Did you recently add any pieces of wood to the tank?
I'm guessing you did water changes already, so what are your new test results?

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31 minutes ago, Ollie the Oscar said:

Ammonia- 0 Ph- 7.3 just done 50% water change looks about same... although it should take some time to clear up... found filter the ground so maybe that stirred it up ?

Thanks for the specifics!

I needed to look up that filter on Google, but from what I see, it could definitely have been the reason your water is that color. I took a look at the substrate you are using, and yes, with using special substrates for plants, they will cloud the water just like your picture shows.

As you deduced, the filter's suction cups probably got "unstuck," it fell over or near the substrate, and then it probably started to churn the substrate with the water jet(s). If you were home, you would have seen it on its side or pointing down and fixed it immediately, but since you were away . . . brown water.

I had thought that churned substrate (as someone had already mentioned) might be the case, because when I first started using special plant substrate, I made the newbie mistake of putting the substrate in the empty tank and then just dropping the water from the top of the tank. My water looked a lot like your picture, and after a day or so, it settled down.

Enjoy your clear water! (...when it fully clears up)

PS: We'd love to see your tank when it's not cloudy :classic_smile: Post a picture!

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