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Hello From Wisconsin!


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I always wanted an aquarium as a kid--I finally built the one I wanted a couple years ago at 32 after being irresponsible and purchasing a betta for my son on a whim.  Didn't know anything about cycling tanks, got a 2 gallon and thought it was great, then the betta wasn't looking so good after a couple days, so I started to research AFTER bringing him home (oops) and figured out everything I'd done wrong (so much for pet store advice--but I should have done my research!).  I started working on getting the 20 gallon replacement set up, but he died before it was ready.  So, we started over with the research FIRST this time, and we've had fun with it for the last couple years!

We have very hard water (300 GH, 200 KH) that comes out of the tap at 7.4 but ends up at 8.2-8.4 once it sits in the tank a couple days.  I still haven't figured that one out but must have something to do with aeration in the tank. The driftwood didn't fix it.  

I've found Aquarium Coops videos and blogs to be the single most helpful resource in this hobby, and this forum seems super helpful, inviting, knowledgeable, and friendly!

Current tanks:

20 Gal with 6 male guppies, 5 habrosus corys (my favorites!), 6 amano shrimp, and a dozen new neons (they're an experiment to see how they handle our water--not too hopeful, but I've always wanted to give them a try!), along with a couple (wanted) nerite and ramshorn snails and dozens of (unwanted) tadpole snails that I remove a couple times a week.  Planted with Java Fern and Anubias and trying a Red Sword that's doing pretty well.  The Anubias are the happiest--they even flower occasionally.

10 Gal "we're overrun with guppy fry" tank designed by the kids (9, 6, and 2) with 5 female guppies, a betta, some snails, and the silicone jellyfish and rainbow gravel my kids were dying to have!

Tank in the planning stages:

75 or 90 gallon as a living room showpiece (instead of a TV)--leaning towards mixed livebearers and an angel (there are some locally raised ones that are hard-water ready).  But have to be sure the angel (plus something else maybe?) can manage the fry.  I ended up with dozens to donate to the LFS from the 5 guppies we started with!  They never ate their own fry.  Not a single one!




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