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Acclimation of new fish and water conditioner

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1) In reading the instructions for Acclimation of newly purchased fish from Aquarium fish.net (below),


I was surprised to read how different their procedure is from what I have read. The authors acknowledge this difference and, in fact, scold others in the field as misguided (at best). It appears that Aquarium Fish.net requires the purchaser to completely tear down the established tank in order for the warranty regarding fish survival to apply. This tear-down is highly impractical particularly in a heavily planted tank, with roots and new offshoots growing. Does anyone have comment on this involved acclimation method? 

2) On the Fritz water conditioner bottle there is an indication that the conditioner, at a higher concentration, can be used to detoxify ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. While water replacement would be preferred, has anyone had experience with utilizing the conditioner to remove these compounds from the tank water?

3) Is is OK to add the conditioned water to the tank immediately? That is, waiting overnight is not required. 


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