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What did you get done today?


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20 hours ago, MattyIce said:

My bedroom/fish room/ hanging with friends room has been running out of space.

A friend got me a free 150 gallon but it took up so much space something needed to be done.

so I built a 6.5’ high bunk bed, started on it yesterday, finished it up today.  Also got my new 150 on a stand and filled.





Reminds me of my dorm room. I didn’t have nearly as many or as large tanks tho. Very cool project! 

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We relocated (8) 10Gs to the top row, completed (2) of the three rows of aquariums and installed the filtration on the rack. All that’s left is lighting and the bottom row of aquariums, then we can put a fork in this rack.

Edit: Wrong pic.


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WC on my 75! Had to replace my filter, trimmed and replanted, planted a crypt my daughter didn’t have room for, removed my mystery snails cuz my guppies were pickin at them!😡 I went to my mom’s and did a WC for her tank..took her a beautiful blue Guppy and come home with at least 30 baby female guppies! She’s going for an all male tank!! I wish I had a lfs to take some of them!! I just cannot cull a perfectly good guppy!!😩



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I wasn’t going to really do anything today until....I looked in a 10 gallon that I had taken all the fish and equipment out of and I found these...

VERY VERY TINY celestial peal danio baby’s!

i think there is at least 15 maybe 25 in there! I love the Days when you find accidental fry!
So I ended up rearranging my mini fish room For these little guys.





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So I didn't do this today, I just found it. This pair's first batch of eggs. 



And this, well, this is Judas doing what Judas does once or twice a month.  And then me cleaning it up. Because otherwise the corydoras will break it up and make a mess of it all over the tank.



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Today I set up my very first 55 gallon tank.

Well it's not set up, I just moved the other tanks around so it would fit on my block and 2x4 stand, but I went and picked up the tank and got it sitting on the stand.


Taking my time with this one. I have my substrate picked out and that's about it. No idea yet on what fish I'll put in there.

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I'm setting up a 14 gallon rimless cube in my bedroom, will be stocking it with Sparkling Gouramis (I was inspired by @Daniel video of his own "sparklers") and Amano shrimp eventually. I didn't trust my nightstand so I had to build a new one today. It isn't finished, but will do for now. 


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