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On 4/10/2021 at 3:34 PM, Maggie said:

I've had some back problems the past week or so, but...

Isn't it amazing how some other part of life can be a pain in the... back... but something cool with the tanks still brings joy? I love that about them. I found teeny bits of duckweed today that must've ridden in on other plants I recently bought. It felt as if a living thing appeared magically. Fish tanks are real-life sci-fi. 🙂 

I hope your back improves soon. 

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Today, and yesterday, I painted one of my walls black, got new dressers for the aquariums, and got a new desk. First, I had to get rid of the old cabinets and move the tanks somewhere else temporarily

Yesterday I took my first batch of platy fry to my local fish store. It was my first time ever selling and I was super nervous. Would they like them? Would I "do it right"? Would the fish transport ni

Was a bit overdue on the water change and trim but I got it done today. Before/After pics  

Posted Images

Yesterday i replaced the substrate in one of my 29. The old stuff had gotten foul and was producing a lot of gas - still a bit of a mess but will give it a couple of days to settle before cleaning up. Everyone has settle back in but the kuhli who haven't calmed down yet:


Tank is well established - about 18 months old well  - before i replaced the substrate. The new stuff is a bit coarser so hopefully it will breath better. Gotta tell you those dwarf lilies develop massive root systems - put my sword plants to shame.qqqq.jpg.568aaae3c97a088056c087d57ea2175c.jpg



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Been busy lately with gardening, deck building, pond planting, daily chores, and set up a new betta tank. Went into a box store a few weeks ago. Saw a glow betta cup with nasty water. Poor thing was on her/his side at the top gills just a going. All the other cups were clean water. Sticker said female, lid rang up as male. Got it for the female price though. I couldn't just leave it there. Was pretty sure it just needed clean water. Yep next morning it was swimming more normal and the following day after that he/she was right as rain.

Today was the first time in years that the Ocala FL area had a fish talk and swap. My antisocial self actually went and it was fun. A few of them even watch some of the same youtube channels I do, including Aquarium Coop. Got a nice looking aponogeton, tons of jungle val, a big cool rock, lid for my 10 gallon quarantine tank, an aloe variety I didn't already have, yellow shrimp and flagfish from the lfs that was there, and some baby mixed guppies from a really nice lady. Out of the 8 or so bags of plants I brought, the hornwort and baby duckweed were first to go. Caught some crap for giving away the plants- " Make your money," they said... But I still have sooo much hornwort and baby java ferns why charge? Hopefully there will be a next time. If so, then I'll be better prepared. Maybe with enough of these meets we could actually put together a club. Now that I'm home there's water changes and planting to be done. Also have to get the 10 set up for the guppies to grow out in. Never had guppies before, wish me luck and any tips are greatly appreciated. 







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Been an eventful weekend. Yesterday was pick up day for our aquarium society spring auction. 30+- different items to load up, acclimate and get in tanks. 5 types of lake Tanganyika ciclids (juli x2 variety, neolamprologus & Lamprologus x2 variety) split tails, tiger limia, koi angels, 4 different colored shrimp (blue, red, orange and green) and 5 different plants. (For you math people multiple lots were the same species 😉)

Today for my 165 gallon pond dug in. Here in minnesota the ground is still in the mid 40s so couldn't get the early jump most of you did. It will be stocked with guppies and most likely cherry shrimp. At some point this water will be pumped up to a gravity feed hydroponic system made of PVC that will sit along the deck. Washed play sand as a substrate. Ledges will have semi aquatic plants and if course floaters throughout. The upside down pots are a holding place for hostas (more to come) as I get the fabric and granite rock placed around it to complete the landscaping.

I will post more about all things started this weekend but wanted to throw out something for an excuse to sit down and take a break!




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Replaced my first ever tank which sprang a leak in one of the silicone seals after a little over a year. Went from a 5.5 gallon to a 9 gallon. Plants will have to settle a bit before I do the final scaping and the critters adjust, but overall quite happy with it.

Originally a planted tank, then shrimp and Mystery snails, then the Kuhli loaches moved in. Now it is just the second generation of Neocaridina daviidi, and Pangio semicincta, as well as several bladder and  ramshorn snails that I feed to the pea puffers. Will look into adding a few more loaches, perhaps Pangio cuneovirgata.

Old tank:


New tank:


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Amazon delivery at 7 pm.

Come 7:30 my daughter comes out of her room after hearing boiling on the stove.

Daughter: (sniffing the air) "what's for supper Dad?

Me: "uhhhhh..... Well..."

Daughter: (makes it to the stove to take a look) "seriously dad?"

Me: "go grab a frozen pizza from the freezer"

Daughter: (shaking her head) "you have a problem dad"

Me:"I know kiddo, don't tell your mother"




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DId a water test (all good!) and topped off the water in the big tank.  Pulled some green hair algae and what I think is staghorn algae.  Fiddling with the lights to see if I can keep it from growing back.

Changed out a little under half of the water in the quarantine tank so the fish can start their 14 days between med treatments.  It’s been rather hot lately (mid-80s) so the QT has been warmer than I’d like.  I think they were happy to get some fresh, cool water.  And food.  So far, all of the rummies have survived so I think my first round of rummies was just a bad batch.

Oh, and topped off the opae ula tank with distilled water.  I’ll probably do a salinity test tomorrow just to make sure it’s still in the proper range.  With the warm weather the water’s been evaporating more quickly and I don’t want the salinity concentration to go too high.

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I just received a new kiddo in the mail, an electric blue acara! I've been wanting one forever. I bought one last year from a Big Box Store, and it ended up having epistylis, which I didn't know about until learning about it here on the forum just recently - I had thought it had ich and was just so frustrated and sad when it didn't survive. Recently I decided I wanted to try again, and after weeks of the stores being sold out, and seeing sick ones, I finally decided to order online. To me, it was worth paying the shipping to receive a healthy, hobbyist bred baby.

So here he is! 



So tiny!



Settling into quarantine.



Excited to watch him grow up!

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On 4/22/2021 at 10:25 AM, Hobbit said:

@MBStevens if you’re using an iPhone, the forum weirdly flips the pictures. The way I’ve found to get around it is if you edit the photo at all—crop it just a tad, adjust the colors, etc—it won’t flip when you upload it anymore. Not sure why it happens, but you’re not the only one having that problem.

I have the same issue with my Samsung phone, so it's not just iPhones.

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Wife and kids headed to the in-laws so I grabbed the pieces of hardscape I need for my future Sad Bowl rebuild - obsidian from Glass Butte which is an hour away from us. Sometimes called mahogany obsidian due to the red/orange inclusions that make it look wood grain. 
Then I cleaned up the kids tanks - they are 3 and 5 so not quite ready to do their own maintenance. I think love is in the air in the Shelly tank. After that it was the Sad Bowl water change. Ughh but I’m starting to feel better about the scape I have in my head so that’s helping. 
Now I’m just finishing cleaning my python hose with half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a pond pump circulating the water through the hose. 







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Barely 10 AM and things have been really productive! I got my oil changed, my cars air filter switched out, and a back windshield wiper to replace my missing one!

Then I got Fish Stuff (including a more appropriately sized bin for my purposes) at Home Depot, plus a few clippings of mini monstera (WITH PERMISSION OF EMPLOYEES!!) to start growing. I think I’m gonna rearrange my room today so I can get more natural light at my desk. I had fun at home depot, though, I talked to an employee for like 30 minutes about fish stuff. 

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