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The War on Staghorn Algae

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I am currently battling with Staghorn algae. Which for some reason is only affecting one of my tanks. Would love some help! The tank is a 16 Gallon Fluval Spec and I use the included light on a two light cycle day. In the morning for 1 hour, and in the evening for 5.


1 Kuhli Loach

6 Cherry Shrimp

6 Spotted Blue Eye rainbows

8 Ember Tetras

4 Pygmy Cory Cats


16 Gallon Tank

PH 7.8

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 5ppm (water changed yesterday)

I am currently dosing Easy Carbon once a day. But it seems to only have an effect when I spot treat. And not when I dose the entire tank.


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48 minutes ago, Cory said:

I'd get some amano shrimp or a siamese algae eater to work on it while the tank balances.

Sounds good! Is there any additional tests/ things I could try to cut out the source of the Staghorn? I remember you mentioning on a stream that it takes time to arrive so it will take time to get rid of. 

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2 hours ago, Joey said:

I am currently trying to sort out some staghorn algae issues. It’s very hard to know what to do. 
a few days ago I stopped using liquid fertiliser thinking it could cause it. But after reading the aquarium co-op article on algae it says this can make things worse!


I agree. I have been dosing the carbon but it has been difficult to be consistent. I’m doing the Amano Shrimp path now and I’ll let you know how it goes 

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