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27 minutes ago, HomerJay said:

If I buy a potted plant from aquarium co op or anywhere really, do I have to take it out of the pot in order for it to survive? Or can I just leave it in?

It's really best to remove it. Most of them come with rockwool in the pot which is great for short term but not the best for long term.  It's inert and doesn't provide any nutritional value to the plants.  If you still want it potted I've seen people make up little cloth packets with a planted substrate in it for the root ball or use tiny terra cotta pots with a plant substrate of some sort in it.

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Mine is doing fantastic for now!

got it at the co-op.  The plant was so tiny when I received it that the leaves didn’t even reach the rim of the pot it was in.  So I left it in the pot and it has tripled in size.  Didn’t melt back at all.  It’s gorgeous!
I assume I’ll have to take it out at some point, but for now it’s too pretty to touch

the co-op does sell easy planters for keeping plants potted n an aquarium.  Maybe check those out?

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