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Multi Fasciitis Shell Dweller Care


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5 gallons is too small, you need surface area to provide territory. Smallest I'd try is maybe a 30L, ideally a 40B + would be better. Emphasize ground area over depth.

I usually start people off with a half dozen and within a month or two they have a colony going. 

For the shells, everyone I know uses escargot shells from Amazon. 

If you do give them a try, I'm sure you will enjoy keeping them. 

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In my opinion, you can house a small number (maybe 3-4) in a 5 gallon tank, but they will outgrow it quickly once they start breeding.

I use a 20-Long and a 10-gallon for mine, plus a 5-gallon bare-bottom grow-out tank just for fry, but once they've settled in to shells, they don't really go places.

IMO, shell-dwellers are not a 1-tank proposition. 🙂

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