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Hi everyone recently my 15 gal fluval flex became way to full of plants and I started having leaves dying on my stem plants because parts were being to shaded. I don’t use co2 and just have stock lighting which has done well. I recently pulled all the stems from the substrate and trimmed the tops and just replanted those! I was sick of pulling leaves off my filter inlet every morning! After re planting the stems I realized I have absolutely no height in my hardscape and I would like to add some more. Not sure if I should add some wood or more seiryu stone to build up the right side and give the hardscape more height. In doing so I will have to add more soil. I have tropica soil powder the very fine grain size. My current stocking is 1 male German blue ram, 3 otocinclus, 5 harlequin rasboras and 2 male endlers who are just visiting not permanent residents. Is it possible to do the re scape with the fish in the tank? Or should I move them to a separate bucket? I don’t know what will put less stress on them! Mostly concerned for my ram Franklin I love him to death. I know adding more soil I will have to increase water changes for a bit which isn’t a problem I just want my hardscape to stand out a bit more! Any tips or suggestions are much appreciated I have a couple long weekends coming up with the holidays so I’ll have some free time to get it done. I’ll post a pic of the tank before and after the big trim and you’ll see my hardscape is too low.



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