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Aquariums Without Lids


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The reason they are not concerned mostly has to do with plants.

I have swordtails which are notorious jumpers in several aquariums without lids, but all of these aquariums have a fair amount of plants at the top. The only swordtail I have lost to jumping this year jumped out of pond and dried up on the lawn.

I did lose a Vallisneria from one of my uncovered aquariums though.


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12 minutes ago, JeffM said:

I am seeing that the Waterbox style rimless aquariums are all the rage in Europe. I am also noticing that they seldom use a lid. I would be worried about jumpers, but it does not seem to be a concern with them. What are your thoughts?

If you look in the corners, many of the rimless tanks have little blocks to support a different style of lid. Lots of the EU fish keepers are using lids, and they almost always remove them for pictures.  Lol

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