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How to add light to an aquarium with a rim and hinged lid?


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This may sound like a silly question but my tank is a 20G high that came from one of those kits that has an LED strip built into the bottom of a plastic lid. Not great for my plants.

I want to upgrade my lights to this: 


Slim Profile Low Wattage Affordable The Finnex Stingray LEDs are a great value light. They've been out for a...

but I don’t think I can do that unless I completely remove the lid off my aquarium.

How can I use this light with my aquarium? Do I have to buy a glass lid? Do I run it without a lid? I have no fish that are known for jumping but that seems risky. 

If I buy a glass lid, how can I ensure access to my HOBs? 

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glass lids get a little plastic strip[ at the back that can be cut out for hang on back filters, air lines, etc. i think you are onto the 2 realistic choices though, either no lid or buy a glass lid. i know plenty of people run tanks without lids, but i like the lids to keep evaporation in check.

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