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Turtles and corydoras


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Hi! My name is Evan 

I’ve had my mud turtle for about 4 months now, and I was told that corydoras make good tank mates for slower turtles.

I have 3 now and they are doing great. My mud turtle ignores them and everything is peaceful.

I was just told that they are horrible for turtles because if they get eaten it will block thiamine.

anyone else have corys and turtles together? Specifically mud?



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If I recall correctly, its goldfish and minnows (cyprinids) that have thiaminase (which inhibits thiamine/ vitamin B1) so most turtle keepers suggest avoiding those. But as far as corys (and most other tropical freshwater fish tbh), I've never come across anything that says that they have thiaminase. Plus, like Cory said, if it's just a one off thing it probably won't have any kind of significant impact.

Frankly, corys are probably ideal tankmates since they'll stay out of the turtle's way and manage the bottom of the tank. I've never kept them personally with my turtles, but that's more because my turtles always end up hunting/eating the fish I add to their tanks 😂 

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