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New 30g setup


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I am so excited I can't wait to share. Ive been sitting on this 30g acrylic tank I snagged off marketplace. The end of the year has been hard for me with everything going on. Work is hard. People are over it and I get it. So am I. This week I finally decided it was time to get moving on the tank. I got the hardscape in and organized all th4 hardware.

I am running and oase thermo 100. I have an aquarium coop sponge and airstone as well in the corner for a little extra as well as a backup filter if I lose power (happens rather a lot around here). 

Mom wanted to take a mother daughter trip to the fish store and it was a lot of fun! She might not be too interested in the fish, but she had a good time using her gardeners eye and picking out plants and visualizing how they would go in. To my surprise she came down and pointed out where she saw stuff going while I did thr planting. I got the canister hooked up and running and now its just a waiting game. Planed stocking are some blue eyed rainbows (havent settled on thr exact variety as of yet) slme threadfins and a school of corys.  The pictures aren't the best because the tank is still cloudy but I was too excited to wait to share.



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On 12/18/2020 at 11:55 PM, James Black said:

Love the scape, the corydoras and threadfins will look great in that!

Angels are lovely. I wouldn't be opposed to adding a couple down the road depending on what happens in the tank. I just reeeeeaaaly want those rainbowfsh.  I've been in love with them since I saw them in my lfs and a little heartbroken that my original tank of 15 g wasn't quite enough,

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