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Hey I have a 30 gallon tank (16" depth) with a "current usa satellite freshwater led plus pro" light. Substrate is inert caribsea naturals sand.

I put in root tabs and planted stuff about 3 months ago:

10-15 small stalks of Alternanthera Rosanervig
5 anubias petite
2 Nymphaea rubra
1 red tiger lotus

I just tossed out a mass of java moss that I was trying to grow on the wood that was getting overrun with hair algae. I am also starting to notice other types of algae beginning to appear slowly.

I have been using light 8 hours a day at full blast, and dosing 2x (5ml) daily dose of seachem excel + 2.5ml of aquarium coop easy green, then doing a weekly 50% water change.

Tank is fairly stocked with 15x neons, 8x rasbora, 3 swordtails, 2x corydoras, 2x yoyo loaches.

I have a fluval 207 and clean it once a month.

Plants themselves are happy other than the moss, putting on new growth etc.

I know I need to adjust something. I think I have been too liberal with my feedings so that is an easy fix.

- What should I do w/respect the light? Should I dial down the intensity / shorten the photo period? I'
- Should I stop the daily easy green dose and just stick with the excel?
- What else would you suggest?





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