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To medicate or not to medicate is the ?

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(3 questions) 1-Will a platy Mom pass on Ich or other health issues to her fry if the mother is removed from the tank within hours of giving birth?  2-If I work on the assumption that she passed anything she had to the new fry, then how old do the fry need to be before I medicate them? 3-Should I pre-emptively give fry medications before they are moved to a community tank at about 8 weeks old?  

(The backstory) A week ago I brought home a female wagtail Platy and within two hours of being in my established and cycled 10 gallon quarantine tank (by herself) she gave birth.  So, I removed the mother platy to another tank, fed the surprise fry, added a yarn ball to the quarantine/fry tank and I slowly increased the temperature a couple of degrees. A week later I have 20 active, seemingly healthy fry.  Its hard to get an accurate head count with the yarn ball and Java moss. Not surprisingly my mother platy was super stressed and Ich showed up 3 days after giving birth.  She has been treated with Ich X and is recovering well.




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