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Moving plants to a second tank. Algae challenge - Staghorn

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I'm working on a new tank. I've got plants ready, but I'm going to move some cuttings from my other tank because it has so much java moss and hydrocotyle tripartita. That tank has a staghorn issue that I'm battling. How can I move the plants without the chance of transferring the staghorn with them? I can pick and choose easily, but tiny bits are all you need.

Also if anyone has advice about dealing with staghorn... the tank is well planted. No CO2. I'm dosing easy green. No more iron in case that's making things worse. I've been trying to fight the staghorn with Easy Carbon (shooting it right on the algae, 1ml/10gal) and aggressive trimming. ...It's still growing and it's getting a bit frustrating. Advice appreciated. Can you up the dose of easy carbon? Should I stop the easy green?


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I think there will always be a chance for you to transfer the the staghorn to your next tank. Depending on the severity of the algae you might need to throw out some parts of your plants that are absolutely covered but if you're not working with much to start with, than maybe disregard that.

If you have a pipette or syringe you could just take the plants you plan to move out of the and drip the easy carbon directly on the afflicted leaves. Just let it sit for like 30 seconds and then rinse before you put into the tank, sometimes I don't even wait and just rinse and put in the tank. You won't kill it all by this and you may have to do multiple time just so you know. Even in doing it this way I can't guarantee that it won't spread to the next tank though.

I will mention that by doing this you could damage your plant so proceed with caution. You technically could overdose but I have no idea what it will do with your plants. My valisneria melts back even when I do the recommended dose.

I know this is probably the answer you don't wanna hear but if you want to be absolutely safe just stick to the regular dose manually remove as much algae as you can and keep up with water changes. These are some options you have to kill the algae but until you figure out where the imbalance is wether it is dosing, lighting, flow or maintenance you're problem will keep coming back no matter how much you take out.

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