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Am I impatient or is my tank out of control?


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I started my 55 gallon tank at the beginning of September 2020, for two months I added only plants, let the algae grow bonkers then added inverts for two months and finally added fish within the past month.



One Crypt Wendtii Green

One Crypt Wendtii Red

One Anubias Nana

One Dwarf  Sagittaria

One Pogostemon "Octopus"

Two Java Moss

One Marismo Ball

One Java Fern

One Valisineria

One Amazon Sword

One Red Dwarf Lily

The Octopus plant  was shredded when i planted it and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the pieces took off. I'm dosing two pumps easy green and 12 hrs of light with a 4hr mid-day siesta. I bought all kinds of plants to make sure I had something take off...they all did.

Somewhere between 5 and 10 Amano Shrimp

10 adult RCS and an unreasonable amount of shrimplets that popped up about two weeks ago

30 Olive Nerite Snails

6 Otos

5 Corys



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Awesome, I bumped up the lighting to start methodically altering the easy green and lighting to get it to a happy place; but apparently that was the wrong direction. I read something that not enough CO2 would encourage the algae to grow so I was playing around with the idea of injected CO2 since I basically have all the tools (minus the diffuser). I wasn't sure if I'm just being too impatient or I needed to make changes to what's going on.

Thanks, I'll try the reduced lighting.

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It is to be expected to get algae for new tanks. I think yours is definitely manageable, not easy, but still manageable. I started my tank October, and I'm finally starting to beat out mine.

Try to remove as much algae as you can and keep up with water changes. For the pogo I would probably look to replant the tops and throw away all the parts covered in algae like in the picture but you can choose to treat the algae if you like. You'll basically be manually removing the algae for sometime till your plants can out compete it. Aside from the algae your tank looks great and you plants look healthy. Don't give up now!

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