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So, my girlfriend finally approved me getting a 40 breeder saltwater mantis tank, on one condition: I have to tear down one of my 3 freshwater tanks.

im super excited about the saltwater tank, but I’m torn on what to do about my freshwater tanks. I have 3, a 5.5 betta tank, a 10 gallon for my pea puffers I may or may not be getting back (they’re with my parents rn, long story), and a 20 long with a blue goby 6 celestial pearl danio adults and about 30ish CPD fry (I plan on taking most to my LFS when they’re big enough, they’re only 2 weeks old rn)

So I have a few options...

option 1: tear down the 10 gallon tank that I just finished setting up and got all new substrate for that’s supposed to be my experiment tank comparing seachem to the CoOp easy line. If I do get my pea puffers back, put them in the 20 long and hope they do ok (they’re with 3 rummynose in a 10 and haven’t caused any issues over the past 9 months). I’d have to level out the table that the 10 amd 5 are on, and put the 40 on that table.

option 2: tear down the 5, put the CPDs and the betta in the 10, and do a puffer in the 20 (either the peas if I get them back, or a South American or red eye) and do the 49 either on the table with the 10 sideways or get the 40 a stand

option 3: put the 40 on a stand regardless and level that. (Can go with option 1)

Option 4: put the betta in the 20 with the CPDs and do the puffers in the 10 if I get them or a red eye puffer


any input or advice would be great. I have recent photos of each tank on my build thread “College Apartment Fishroom Build” 

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Yeah I would do the same, option 2 sounds ideal! Getting the 40 a stand sounds nice too. I always prefer a stand to a table.. Either way this is a win if she wants you to get a 40 breeder and you only have to sacrifice a smaller tank Lol. Plus a saltwater mantis tank sounds EPIC. Those critters are super cool and weird. Please show us when it's completed 🙂

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Im doing a lot of saltwater research right now. I think I’m definitely gonna go with option 2, or at least moving the betta. Eventually maybe the CPDs if I can get a red eye puffer for the 20, if not I’ll leave them in the 20 and probably get some pseudomugils and some habrosus cories. Now onto the mantis. I really wanna do the 40, but it’s gonna be so much more expensive and work than if I did a 13.5 Fluval evo for a smaller mantis, but there’s a trade off. Got a lot of thinking to do (and saving up regardless) but I’ll definitely throw some pics on my build thread on here 😁

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