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Pogostemon Stellatus 'Octopus' Losing Leaves

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As the headline reads, my “Octopus” plant is losing leaves. The plant has exploded in growth in the two months it has been in my tank. Last week, I noticed one of it’s leaves floating around in the tank. I didn’t think much about it at first but now I’m seeing more. Not a deforestation but right now I see three or four floating around. The plant looks very healthy, probably the healthiest plant in the tank.  I’ve got very hard water and high Ph in this Lake Tanganyikan tank. Ammonia and nitrites are always zero, nitrates usually between 20 to 30 ppm.  I use Easy Green liquid once a week after water change and Easy Root cap when planted in October. 

What to do

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This is just a guess but from what you're saying, you might need to dose more. Fast growing plants can suck up all the nutrients and when there is none left it will start consuming its older leaves. But like I said its hard for me to say definitively what it is but its something to consider.

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