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Mikey Walnuts’ Work “Desktop” Aquarium

Mikey Walnuts

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I had to break down my old work fish tank and figured I would set up a journal on the rebuild of it in my new location. I’m a manager at one of the big box pet stores and I decided to set up a planted 75 gallon aquarium on our sales floor a couple years ago because I hated throwing away so many rotted plants and I also wanted to use it as a teaching tool for my associates. Also, of course it was just because I wanted my own tank at work to satisfy my MTS 😂. Pretty quickly we went from throwing plants away constantly to being the best in our district in aquatic sales. Unfortunately this location is significantly smaller than my old location so it will have to go in our break room so it won’t sell as many plants but it will still be a great teaching tool.


The first picture is what it looked like the last time I took a photo of it about 6 months ago. I wish I took a picture of it before I tore it down but hindsight is 20/20. The second picture is my progress so far. The substrate is the old stratum that came out and I plan to top it with Carib Sea Peace River gravel which should compliment the stone. Speaking of the stone, it was sold as “New England Stone” which matches perfectly to the rocks in the river by my home. I plan on snagging some smaller accent stones from the river but I am more than glad to pay $2 a pound rather than loading monster stones in my backpack in the middle of winter.


Filter will be an Aquaclear 70 and possibly also a Eheim Pro 4 (I think?). Probably going to add CO2 as I have a spare set up in my basement and I would like to fill out with plants quicker. Lighting for now will be my current Fluval Aquasky and a spare Marineland LED I have in my basement. Plants are a long list but I’ll get to that later.


The thing stumping me is what I should stock as I want everything 😂 I’ll keep you all posted though






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Thanks guys! Here’s a little update to the tank. I still have some more plants I want to add and then after that I’ll clean up all of the loose stratum. I also still need to find some accent rocks, but we got a foot of snow the other day so I’m not ready to venture down to the river yet. Next up I need to get a can of paint and redo the doors. Other than that, I need to refill my co2 bottle and maybe upgrade the lighting. I’m thinking two Beamswork DA units. I’ve got a couple of them at home that have been going 3 years strong and I love the growth I get with them




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