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Hi I am currently in a fishless cycle in a planted tank and have been for approximately 3 weeks adding 2-4ppm ammonia this is now being reduced to 0ppm within 12/16 hours. The Nitrites have stayed steady at .25ppm all the time and not increased or decreased. The Nitrates are around 5-10 ppm closer to 5. I have also added stability on a regular basis. What is happening ?? Can I do a partial water change  to dilute the Nitrites and then safely add fish and stability at the recommended dose and time period along with Prime. Your advice is very much appreciated. 

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44 minutes ago, dublicious said:

If you skip an ammonia dose and let it sit at 0 for a day, does nitrite go down? I wonder if you just happen to be testing it just as the bacteria are nearing end of eating it up. A long shot probably, but weird cycling situation is weird 😄 


2 hours ago, Coronal Mass Ejection Carl said:

Oh yeah, Stability is heterotrophic bacteria which can inhibit the development of true nitrifying bacteria. Regular use of it can actually stall the cycle.

Flush it.

I've stopped adding the Stability so hopefully a more natural process will take place and also save me some Stability for when I might need it 😊 

I've not let the Ammonia sit at 0 I've been topping up to 2ppm in order to feed the bacteria. This will be my next step I dosed it today so will test tomorrow. 

I've cycled a tank before and had a different experience which was the classic feeding with Ammonia eventually 0% Ammonia, high Nitrites eventually falling to 0 and 0% Ammonia and Nitrite thereafter.  Then the appearance of Nitrates.  I think goes to show the Nitrogen cycle is and isn't an exact science. 

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I agree with the others! Stop using the Stability, hold off with the ammonia for a day, and see what happens.

In terms of whether it’s safe to add fish, I’d say you can go ahead—as long as you add just a few fish at a time. Lots of us do fish-in cycling where we basically add two fish at a time over the course of several weeks or even months. That way the bacteria have plenty of time to catch up and the swings in ammonia/nitrite/nitrate aren’t ever very large.

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