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Anyone have alien bettas?

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Hello! There is a new kind of betta that I haven't heard of before and was wondering if anyone else has had them before. The place I'd be buying the from are labeled as captive but all the ones in the internet are labeled as wild. The shop is to far away for me to see them in person. Some google photos have beautiful colors while other are very drab. Whether yours is wild or not, it you don't mind sharing photos that would be great! Some examples of what I am looking for is below. Thanks!

download (11).jpeg

download (16).jpeg

download (17).jpeg

download (18).jpeg

download (19).jpeg

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Aliens are listed as wilds because they're hybrids of "wild" splenden complex species,  mahachaiensis and smaragdina traits are pretty prevalent in them but I think they might have domestic splenden genes crossed in too. I know on aquabid you find them under the wild-type listing but honestly I wish they had their own category at this point because as far as I'm aware they aren't naturally occurring to any degree

I know the co-op has at least one video featuring one

They're nice bettas, there's nothing really different involved in keeping an Alien compared to any regular splenden. I really liked mine until my lid slipped forward and he jumped out the back¬†ūüė•

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