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I've lost three fish in 2 days


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Since Sunday morning I've lost a dwarf Gourami, and adult Angel and a cory. My parameters aren't bad: pH is 7.5, Nitrites are .25 ppm, Nitrates are .5 ppm, KH is 180 and ammonia is .25 ppm. Those are the only tests I can run. I have test strips and an API Master kit. My weekly water changes occur every Saturday. My temperature is 76. This has only occurred in one tank. It's a new 75, It has 5 cherry barbs, 4 harlequin rasboras, 5 brilliant rasboras, 3 angels, 2 corys, another dwarf gourami and a dojo loach. Yesterday the dead angel didn't eat, and her belly was rounder than normal, but when I fished her out of the tank I gave it a little squeeze and eggs came out. The overall appearance of the water is a little cloudy. But I thought since it was a new tank this was normal.

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