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Help my sick German blue ram please. Also new to the forum


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 Looking for advice for treating my German blue ram. These growths have not gone away after treating with a full course of Api fungus cure. After that didn't work I am now on the second dose of 3 of jungle fungus clear fizz tabs. I have seen no improvement from either treatments so far. Ph is around 6.5 to 7, ammonia and nitrite are being controlled with prime since its currently an un cycled hospital tank, 0 nitrates. Temperature is about 80-81. Any help would be appreciated 



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Adding more pictures.
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Hi @Dragula87, welcome. I think since you have tried treating for fungus without success, the better plan might be to treat for bacteria next. The two can look quite a bit alike, and are hard to tell apart. Maracyn is the Aquarium co-op recommended option, but there may be other brands to try, and salt is also a great option if he is in a quarantine tank.

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49 minutes ago, Dragula87 said:

Ok, well given that he/she is in a quarantine tank with no plants or tank mates which route would you try first? Salt or the maracyn? Thanks. 

Totally honest, this would be a great time to try salt--I have not treated GBR with salt, so you may want to hear from someone else for specifics or caveats, but given that salt will have an effect on both fungus and bacteria, I think it would be a great cheap option that actually has the highest likelihood of a rapid resolution.

In case you have not already seen this, here is Cory discussing the advantages of salt.


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