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Help Identify Mystery Critter


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Hello fish nerds, I recently started a planted 20 long that I'm hoping to start a new breeding project in. I ordered plants online, they came in looking healthy and covered in snails. I saw this as a free gift, since I really believe snails to be beneficial in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. I did not treat the plants to rid them of any other hitch hikers. After a week or so of initial planting, I noticed a few interesting developments. 

  1. The snails had begun to lay eggs
  2. I have at least one isopod (he has since been named Jitters)
  3. There are some sort of mystery free swimming green organisms hovering about in the water column

I've attached a link to a video of one of the buggers, pardon the sound of me breathing lol.


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1 hour ago, Cory said:

That is interesting, I'm not sure what that is. I don't think I've ever seen it bfore.

Thanks for the quick response Cory. I'll see if I can round up a few of them in a smaller container for easier viewing. This may well be the last time I order plants from a Co-Op competitor.

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40 minutes ago, Jack.of.all.aquariums said:

Kind of hard to see but based on some quick searching I'm going to guess phantom midge larvae. Check them out on Google images. Seems like they are basically a clear version of bloodworms that can have a yellow to green color. 

We should be able to get an ID with some close ups though. 




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1 hour ago, Jack.of.all.aquariums said:

I found this image on this site. Can it retract into its tail shell piece?




By golly, I think you've done it! I poked at one with a mechanical pencil and it quickly retracted. Thank you so much for your help Jack. Whatever you're doing, you deserve a raise.

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